I was blown away by the Pickle and Chill concept

“Discover the Astonishing Concept of Pickle and Chill That Will Amaze You!”

I was blown away by the Pickle and Chill concept
The revolutionary concept of Pickle and Chill truly amazed me and left me astonished – An innovative amalgamation of a vibrant sports centre and enticing food and drink destination! If sports intrigue you and your taste buds demand lip-smacking cuisine accompanied by rejuvenating drinks, make sure you visit Pickle & Chill in Columbus, Ohio. A keystone within the pickleball fraternity, this establishment is unique, encapsulating a bar and a pickleball court, a blend which astonished me as soon as I set foot inside. Being an individual who takes pleasure in feasting on exquisite food, and playing pickleball, the experience was diverting and invigorating.

Pickle & Chill, with its multiple courts and paramount amenities, provided a perfect blend of sports, amusement, dining, and fun. In this narrative, I would like to share the reasons behind my growing admiration for Pickle & Chill which over time, has transformed into my preferred hangout destination, especially if you’re consumed by pickleball or even if you’re merely hunting for social activities filled with enjoyment.

Upon my initial visit, I observed that the pickleball courts were located within a warehouse-like set-up. The environment was extremely casual, exuding an urban charm with walls adorned with flamboyant graffiti. There were six indoor courts which were all designed as per the fiats of professional pickleball tournaments offering just the right amount of space between each other. Additionally, there were seating provisions around the court with a panoramic bird’s eye viewpoint, proffering an enthralling view of the games. The anticipation surrounding the upgrade of five new outdoor courts in Spring 2023, keeps me doubly excited.

Equated to the informal charm of the coffee houses of yesteryear, the lower floor was arranged as a makeshift bar area. It seemed very inviting and was filled with chilled beverages and small tables. Although the designated area was still under construction, the potential of a thriving bar and restaurant emanated in anticipation. With pickleball being its major attraction, I am certain once the bar is established, it would be an idyllic place to reconvene post games, to socialise and interact.

Pickle & Chill caters to every pickleball aficionado, offering a total of 11 courts, albeit during peak hours, the rush escalates, thus one might have to wait for their turn to play. There are several preferences available – indoor, outdoor courts or off-peak hours options, free play clinics, joining leagues as per DUPR ratings, reserving courts for consistent games, participating during open play, and of course, tournaments. Moreover, anyone can come and play irrespective of age or skill. During my visit, I actively participated in some round-robin games and also got the chance to observe a beginner’s lesson.

Entering a professional pickleball court for the first time is ecstatic and shocking at the same time. The sense of community, along with vigorous shuffling of players and perpetual pinging of balls echoing across the warehouse, the energy makes it very different from playing in a park. I was lucky to partner up with a young couple, rated at 3 and an amateur with no rating for my first game. Though we lost the match within 15 minutes, the experience of interacting with strangers over the game, followed by a friendly get-together at the bar was heart-warming.

Such delightful experiences make Pickle & Chill a special place to be. Though it’s quite an expensive affair, I realized why so many people willingly choose to pay for the membership and being a part of it. For beginners and individuals preferring a more relaxed ambiance, local parks surely work. However, if you aspire to elevate your pickleball skills, Pickle & Chill is the place to be! I can’t wait to continue my pickleball journey at Pickle & Chill and encourage every pickleball enthusiast in Columbus to give it a shot. You’d surely be delighted!

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