Are you looking for the best Pickleball paddle for Advanced players?

“Discover the Ultimate Pickleball Paddle for Advanced Players!”

Are you looking for the best Pickleball paddle for Advanced players?
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Seeking the supreme Pickleball paddle suitable for seasoned players? Unsure whether to opt for a lightweight or denser option? Check out our top recommendations such as:

1. Bantam TS-5 Pro
2. Ben Johns’ Pickleball Paddle
3. Rally PX Graphite Pickleball Paddle
4. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro
5. Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro Speed 11 Pickleball Paddle


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Has your Pickleball playing journey matured to a point that you need a new and advanced paddle? Interested in understanding the popular picks among expert players? As Pickleball continues to expand its popularity among racket sports enthusiasts, the choice of equipment also grows. We aim to guide you in selecting the optimal Pickleball paddle.

The variety of Pickleball paddles includes different shapes, sizes, and weights. The super-light ones weigh around 6-7 ounces whereas the heaviest versions range from 12 to 14 ounces. During extended matches, the latter can become a hurdle. Denser paddles facilitate powerful shots, while lightweight ones offer precision. If you are a sturdy player with a powerful forehand swing, a 14-ounce paddle may be beneficial. If you are of a lighter build, an 8-10 ounce paddle could be ideal.

Let’s delve into the best Pickleball paddles for advanced players. Please note, we might receive affiliate commission through or Amazon.

1. Bantam TS-5 Pro: This popular Pickleball paddle from Paddletek offers an enlarged sweet spot and robust polymer core. The grip features substantial cushioning, ensuring comfort through long games.

2. Ben Johns’ Pickleball Paddle: Developed by Franklin, this is another highly commended option for advanced players. It includes an extended handle, medium grip hold, and textured surface for controlled spin shots.

3. Rally PX Graphite Pickleball Paddle: Promoting smooth performance, the Rally PX Graphite paddle fosters powerful return shots due to its honeycomb design and slightly textured wide face.

4. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro: This best-seller enables excellent grip management and optimal accuracy. Its large sweet spot ensures successful hits.

5. Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro Speed 11 Pickleball Paddle: This paddle shines through with its comfort, offering relief from tennis elbow and reducing wrist soreness thanks to its minimal vibration.

In conclusion, as an experienced Pickleball player, high-quality gear is crucial. It can be the difference between a regular and impeccable performance. We have filtered through the best brands for you based on your budget.

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“Unveiling the Final Verdict”

If you’ve progressed to an elite level of pickleball, the value of prime gear can’t be understated. Engaging in prolonged gameplay could potentially lead to harm. Hence, procuring the optimal pickleball paddle for advanced players could drastically elevate your performance. With a myriad of brands vying for attention, we’ve distilled the finest. Choose based on your financial capacity.

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Bonus Points: It is crucial to note that when choosing a paddle, find one that suits your playing style and hand size. More advanced players might also prefer paddles with graphite faces for improved accuracy and control, or those with polypropylene cores for superior durability. Remember that the best paddle for you may not necessarily be the most expensive one, but one that fits your individual needs and strengths.

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