All you need to know about the Pickleball Kitchen size

“Discover the Dimensions: Your Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Kitchen Size”

All you need to know about the Pickleball Kitchen size
Here’s your one-stop guide to understanding the dimensions and rules of a Pickleball kitchen, also known as a Non-Volley Zone.

Dive into the depths of what sets Pickleball apart from other racquet sports like tennis or badminton. It’s not just an excellent means to boost your energy and fitness in your leisure time, but an intriguing and strategic game where each part of the court, especially the kitchen, comes with its own significance.

The Pickleball Kitchen or Non-Volley Zone, is an essential part of the court. This precisely defined 7 feet region on both sides of the net is a must-know for anyone aiming to master the game. Not only is the width of this area fixed at 20 feet, but players should note that this is the ‘no-go’ zone for volleying the ball, hence its moniker – Non Volley Zone.

Ever wondered why novices often grapple with the concept of a Pickleball kitchen or non volley zone? The complexity lies in the rules that the ball must bounce within this zone before a shot is taken. Any player cannot be within or in contact with this zone while making a shot without the ball having bounced first. Make sure you go through our detailed article on Pickleball Kitchen Rules to learn more about it.

Rookie or pro, understanding the game’s basic tenets will help you make a brilliant starting shot. Remember, in Pickleball, a serve always goes diagonally across the court for it to be deemed valid.

Engaging and interactive, Pickleball is an exceptional sport meant for community gatherings – a game that brings families and friends together. If you’re planning to establish your own court, remember to accurately define the size of the Pickleball Kitchen! Happy Playing!

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