God, having created the world, is expressed to us here through Goodness, Beauty and Love. This is all we need to know about God. Knowing this, Love, Honor and Serve God above all else. Listen to God and continually pray for God's guidance for the perfection of your soul. Your soul is precious to God. Nurture it with God's love. God made his love manifest on earth through Jesus. Following the example of Jesus, be compassionate and help others to see God's love through your example. Practice love, commit no violence, and have no malice against others. At the same time, peaceably resist injustice, greed, and malice, and disengage from people who are harmful to you. It is not your role to save others. God's love is what saves. Leave God's work to God, and focus on being the unique work of love that God intended you to be. Dedicate all your work to the fulfillment of God's purposes of Goodness, Beauty and Love. Do not be vain about your work, knowing all good work you do is through God's grace. Do not work for selfish gain, including physical longevity, appearances, fame or wealth. Care for your body, the earth and creatures in the name of God's love, but always put your soul and God first. For the material world is ephemeral, but your soul as perfected in God is eternal. Your soul was made for more than this world. It is eternal and belongs to God.